Beware Walmart shoppers of the hazards of entering and exiting the entrances of the store. Please use caution while in the crosswalks.

On Aug. 1, 2017, as I was exiting the middle entrance (using the crosswalk), I was struck from behind and ran over by a driver.

Three-quarters of my body was broken by this accident and I spent two weeks in Sutter Coast Hospital and eight weeks in Crescent City Skilled Nursing. I have had three surgeries and am still going to physical therapy for my injuries that will limit my abilities for the rest of my life. The financial burden landed on our shoulders and changed the rest of my life in an instant.

So please be careful if you have young children or are of the older generation. I really do not want this to happen to anyone else.

I would love to thank everyone who came to my aid and my husband’s aid: Del Norte Ambulance, the staff at Sutter Coast Hospital, the staff at Crescent City Skilled Nursing, Phyllis at Wound Care, Del Norte Physical Therapy, Tami Coulson at CBH Financial and to all my friends for their concern, help and prayers. I want to especially thank Dr. Sean Owen for putting me back together. To all of the above, I am forever in your debt.

Connie Fletcher

Crescent City