I am writing this letter in support of Principal Bill Hartwick. I have known Bill since I was in the fifth grade when he taught in my class as a student teacher. My involvement in the community throughout the years has allowed me the opportunity to know Bill in many different capacities. I have much respect for Bill and am thankful he is principal at the school my children attend.

Bill is genuine and has a passion for helping kids. Rain or shine, Bill is there each morning greeting each student as they start their school day. I often see him high-fiving kids and doing what he can to ensure each student feels valuable and important. That’s not something that every school employee does but something that the children of our community so desperately need. It takes only one person to make a difference in the life of a child. I am confident that Hartwick is that one person for more children in our community than we will ever know.

Bill believes strongly in building communication between parents, staff and administration. He’s a good listener, hard-working and goal oriented. Bill embraces his role as the school’s leader with determination and dedication, while he continues to bring about positive change at Pine Grove School.

As a member of the School Site Council and Parent Advisory Committee, I witness Bill going above and beyond to promote a safe school environment for our children and speaking as a parent, that is invaluable. Bill is an asset to our community and positively represents Pine Grove School. My hope is that you will consider all of the letters you have received in his support.

Katie Wakefield

Crescent City