You rejected my letter of May 6 for being uncivil and not accurate. I’ve already dealt with the not accurate part of your rejection at length in my email of May 8. Here, I will examine the uncivil aspect, specifically, whether your standard of civility is applied uniformly or cynically as a cover for promoting a political agenda, which, in a media context, is commonly referred to as propaganda.

In the letter I submitted for publication, I used the terms “spineless management” and “blowhard politician.”

These terms failed your test of civility.

And yet, on page 4 of the Triplicate edition of April 12, you printed a political cartoon by Adam Zyglis depicting President Trump as an insect crawling out from under an American flag and being sprayed by insecticide from a can labeled “FBI Raid.”

The contrast between the terms I used and the Zyglis cartoon depicting the assassination of a president is truly monstrous and leaves no doubt that you used your civility test cynically to suppress my letter.

Otto Hinckelmann

Crescent City