Recently some have canceled their subscriptions to the Triplicate due to cartoons less than flattering to Donald Trump.

For these people I have some questions. Are African nations really shithole countries? Are neo-Nazis and anti-racist activists both good people?

Trump is closing the door on civil rights protections. Are policies that harm immigrants, Muslims, the LGBT community, victims of police abuse and the poor worthy of praise?

Are you pleased with Trump for his support of white supremacy?

Trump’s example, according to surveys of teachers, has resulted in increased racial slurs, incidents involving swastikas, Nazi salutes and confederate flags. Does this not deserve unflattering cartoons?

Some of Trump’s destructive policies are assaults on voting rights, ridicule of the media, to rip away health insurance from low income people, attacks on essential programs like Medicaid. Don’t you think he deserves ridicule?

The aim of this administration is to privatize public education, which would expose children to discrimination. Is this what you want?

We cannot oppose this administration individually. But if those who really understand what is happening stick together and make our voices heard this can achieve the survival of our democracy.

Don’t you agree?

Don Stanfield

Crescent City