Dear Voters: regarding your vote on Measure A and whether or not to impose term limits; do not let yourself be deceived by the District 1 supervisor’s (Roger Gitlin) misinterpretation of the facts.

The fact is that Measure A does not apply to the current elected officials. The fact is, if you read your sample ballot, it clearly states “Therefore, current Board members at the time of this ordinance is voted can continue to run for re-election and hold seats on the Board of Supervisors as long as voters re-elect them.” The fact is that the current board of supervisor members are indeed exempt from Measure A.

Term limits are neither democratic nor constitutional since they impose a restriction on our voting rights. Tell the supervisors in Districts 1 and 5 (Gitlin and Bob Berkowitz) who support Measure A, you see through their ploy to gain a majority on the board in order to pursue their own agenda rather than consider what is in the best interest of all of Del Norte County.

Vote no on Measure A.

Kathryn Murray

Crescent City