I take great umbrage over the article in the Triplicate, “Inmate Expression,” which aggrandizes these inmates and their presentation of “Paper Rose.”

So, one of the inmates named had a cathartic moment, releasing his angst and rediscovering himself and “having fun” with his fellow inmates.

During the performances, the inmates can take time to genuflect about the felonious and heinous crimes they have committed against society, and temporarily free themselves from the misery of being incarcerated at Pelican Bay.

One inmate boasts that he never considered himself an actor. The parole board must be elated he has become a thespian while behind bars.

Our 16-year-old niece was brutally raped and tortured; her body dismembered and set ablaze in a roadside ditch in San Jose in 2002; the vilest of crimes.

Her killer was sentenced to 25 years to life and now spends his days behind the electrified fences and the sobering concrete walls of prison. He will never be vindicated.

Our family and the grieving families
impacted by the felonious and often
heinous criminals and murderers incarcerated at Pelican Bay are relieved to know
that hard time includes these cathartic moments.

We will never forget and neither will they.

Randy Zopf

Crescent City