This Father’s Day myself along with several other local motorcycle riders had the distinct honor of escorting the ashes of a father, husband, veteran, public servant to his home in Crescent City, and into the arms of his surviving wife and family. We shared in the honor of presenting the family with a folded American Flag on behalf of the president of the United States and grateful nation.

I tell you this, not to shed light on what we were honored to do, but rather to bring to the forefront the generosity and humanity that resides in this community. After the presentation our group dined at a local establishment and reflected on the day. Two total strangers (veterans) approached our table and expressed their gratitude for the service, as displayed on our attire.

It was after the fact that we were notified our lunch bill for nine adults, just over $100, had been paid. As one member of our group stated (paraphrased): it was an incredible act of kindness and generosity, delivered at the opportune movement, that will not be forgotten.”

To the stranger who paid our bill and the others who recognized our service, you know who you are; thank you for defining our community and renewing faith in people. To you sir; our hats are off, as you are a fine and generous fellow human being and fellow citizen of this community.

Hank Akin