District 1 Supervisor Roger Gitlin and District 5 Supervisor Bob Berkowitz seem to under fire at present.

Folks came to my door wanting me to sign a petition to recall Berkowitz and the reason given was that Berkowitz was not cooperating with other Del Norte Board of Supervisors.

I believe the petition reads, “We count on our local representatives to cooperate and compromise on divisive issues, rather than waging war on each other, and that “Partisan politics has no place in local government, only positive solutions can lift our community.” I am sure that Del Norte citizenry would agree with these pretty words hardly describes the interactions among members of the board.

I read in the Triplicate the recall was masterminded by a Cannabis Working Group who are spearheading the regulation of recreational and commercial cannabis in the Del Norte County and who are attacking Berkowitz and Gitlin for slowing their rollout plans. I don’t want our county leadership to put new tax revenue streams above the safety and security of our communities. Where does it end?

I have lived in Del Norte County for nearly 17 years. I find that the board of supervisors is all about the politics… then again which county isn’t in California. I see the politics in Washington play out within Congress every day to the detriment of American citizens and more emphasis being placed on rights for those who are in our country illegally.

President Trump is under the same attack mostly by the left and some right leaning politicians who seem to fault him based on innuendo and fake news and who would swallow a mount full of razor blades rather than recognize his strong leadership, innovation, the campaign promises kept and his many more accomplishments.

Trump campaigned and was elected on these promises.

Paul Crandall