On June 29, I wore a gold charm bracelet to the Farmer’s Market. I did not notice that it was missing from my wrist until I arrived home and after my walk on Vipond Drive around Lakeside Loop and China Creek. It has a charm that is dated 9/22/67, the date of my first born son’s birth. I don’t usually wear this but that day I did.

I called the police department and was told that I could come in and sign a lost/missing item report and someone would be there. I arrived at 4:40 p.m., 20 minutes before the office closed. I approached the window and a nice woman went to get a deputy. To my surprise, the police Chief Ivan Minsal came out and took my report. He was very professional, kind and I felt truly attended to. We are so very fortunate to have such a thorough and pleasant police chief.

A few days later I did find my bracelet in my yard. I am grateful for the help at the police department that they took the time, especially at the busiest holiday of the year (July 4), to attend to my request for help.

Crystal Griffin

Crescent City