Jamie Forkner, Angela Greenough, and Don MacArthur are running for re-election for school board. Trustee MacArthur is unopposed. Jamie Forkner and Angela Greenough, however, are facing opponents, whom I’m sure are fine folks.

If one thing from my experience as a new school board member has taught me is that there is a steep learning curve, in order to be an effective board member.

Forkner has served as president of the school board for the past two years and I have learned to respect her strong leadership and calming demeanor. Greenough is vice president and secretary, as well I have learned to respect her diligence and wealth of information. Both have proven to be dedicated, reliable and effective, which to me speaks volume.

Currently, we have a school board that’s cohesive and is effective in understanding the scope, nature, and needs of our students, parents, and teachers. We are seeing improvements in almost every category with a very positive upward progression. Even though we, the board, come from different backgrounds and experiences, we all seem to agree, after thoughtful deliberation, on important issues, we then make our decisions based on experience, the collective information, and of cause, common sense.

Often, difficult decisions are made, that may not be agreeable to some, however, the root of our reasoning as board members is for the well being, education and success of our students, parents, teachers and our community

I will be voting for Forkner and Greenough for their re-election on the school board and I encourage you to do as well.

Frank Magarino

Crescent City