The Del Norte Growers Association supports this reasonable way of generating the resources the county needs to effectively regulate our cannabis industry. We support the use of these funds by local law enforcement to improve public safety for our community. The tax rates are low enough so as not to discourage business, and are slightly adjustable by the board of supervisors to meet changing needs. This is a local tax so all the money stays here.

The county has invested significant resources in the creation of the Cannabis Working Group and in drafting the retail cannabis and manufacturing ordinance, on which the board will vote Nov. 13. Please attend this meeting to show your support or opposition.

The county remains committed to creating business opportunities for every sector of the cannabis industry, including cultivation, processing, and distribution. A transparent relationship between our businesses and our government functions for the benefit of our entire community when we support each other.

The voters of Del Norte County can control the direction of local government through elections and direct action before the board of supervisors. The board has been very responsive to the will of the voters and has taken the time needed to listen to many voices and to understand what is being asked for. Elections are the only method we have to determine, in the end, what is the will of the people. Measure B was created with consideration for long-term sustainability through many hours of public discussion and is supported by the county board of supervisors. This Tuesday, we hope you vote yes on Measure B. Most of all, we hope you vote.

Jesse Davis, member

Del Norte Growers Association