Every time I vote my ballot, I feel duped by all the political jargon and hidden agendas meant to trick the unsuspecting voter. Why can’t anything be straightforward and easy to understand so a reasonable person can choose?

An example is the California grocery bag law that passed. It was supposed to help the environment. Yet, all I see it has done is made it where the grocery stores can charge me for my bags and I have to bag my own groceries half of the time now into reusable bags or pay extra. The litter from used bags has not ceased.

Several of the propositions are trickery in that the average voter will glance at the wording and think they are helping sick patients, for example, not knowing it’s a veiled attempt to minimize the independent dialysis centers, which in turn may actually hurt the poor person having to have kidney dialysis.

The writers of these bills use trickery and try to spin something to incite fear among residents to get their hidden agenda passed. Voter beware.

Janet Rose Owen

Crescent City