Ending ban will improve control of cannabis use

Del Norte County voters have made their voices heard loudly and clearly by passing Measure B. Banning adult-use cannabis businesses in our county is simply ridiculous; we want legal dispensaries allowed to operate in our county and we welcome the tax benefits that come with licensed retail cannabis sales.

If you look at the statewide midterm election results, you will see that many California cities and counties appear to have lifted or rejected bans on adult-use cannabis businesses and/or other cannabis-related operations. Of course, there are some municipalities and individuals such as Del Norte County Supervisor Roger Gitlin who are still stubbornly opposed to cannabis. It’s similar to when alcohol prohibition changed. There were a lot of people in communities in California and across the country that wanted to stay dry. It’s just going to be a matter of time before they realize it’s time for a better approach to marijuana.

If we allow licensed commercial cannabis retail dispensaries in Del Norte County — and particularly if the City of Crescent City follows suit — we will be able to better control the use of cannabis, help protect the children in our communities by beating back the proliferation of the illicit market, and generate much-needed revenue for important public safety, treatment and education.

Tahler Thacker

Crescent City