In response to Randy Hatfield’s “Linda Sutter ads disturbing” on Nov. 3. Since I was not allowed to submit a letter to the Triplicate because I was a candidate, I (now) submit my rebuttal.

Former CEO Fair Manager Hatfield in his own words described to the readers that state issued $200,000 yearly for the fair. Hatfield references Measure F money was to replace the shortfall gap of the annual $200,000. However, Hatfield refuses (like the rest of the board members) to address the big elephant in the room — $921,920.

Nearly $1 million was spent in 14 months with no accounting. How did they ever manage on $200,000 a year?

It is beyond me that nearly $1 million was spent in 14 months instead of the allotted $200,000. With that rate of reckless spending, I look forward to 2022 when the sales tax sunsets.

If these board members cannot manage their funds now there is certainly no hope in the future for this fair. Unless of course, the residents of the county want to continue to support poor spending habits of these fair boards.

Kudos Del Norte County for voting in a bunch of crooks.

Linda Sutter

Crescent City