A statesman recently said, “hatred corrupts the vessel that contains it.” This week, I am compelled to ask our citizens to help me deal with a hatred that has infested our community and threatens to corrupt all the good that our “comeback town” has done.

Though small in number, among us are people who feel the need to destroy — through social media and this newspaper — what good people have accomplished. These people have attacked the fair board, the recreation and parks board, the Del Norte County Supervisors, Wild Rivers Community Foundation, and many more entities full of decent people working to make our community a better place. They not only impugn the integrity of these boards, but they attack, via an uncensored media, the individuals who have offered their intelligence, experience, and acumen to make this place the “Host of the Redwood Coast.” And, we, the citizens of this town, are allowing them to do it.

The haters cost us, the taxpayers, thousands of dollars, which goes to lawyers defending our boards instead of paying for our community projects. These expenses are accrued in hours of employee time spent dealing with individuals whose only intent is to create havoc.

My suggestion is that these “anti” people adopt the attitude that if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. Please make your New Year’s resolution one to improve your community, not by degrading the good things that exist and the people who make them function, but by discovering positive outlets for your energy to make this an even better place. This town has done it before and it can do it again. We can all work together to make our home a better place.

Jane E. Rumiano

Crescent City