I would like to recognize Take a Bite out of Blight volunteers for yet another fine job of helping make Del Norte County a more beautiful place. Last Saturday, volunteers assisted in ridding tons of accumulated trash and garbage at a vacant, fire-damaged home on Cummins Road. This effort was conducted by a private group not affiliated with local government.

All I can say Take is Bite out of Blight works and Del Norte County has one less eyesore to look at. I have issue with Supervisors (Gerry) Hemmingsen, (Chris) Howard and (Lori) Cowan who not only sit on the sidelines belittling these efforts but also sit on so many committees I can’t even count them all and what do they do? Nothing.

These three do not solve problems, they kick issues down the road. Look at the thousands of dollars wasted on trips to Japan and Washington, D.C. And what do these three musketeers have to show for all their efforts. Nothing. Hemmingsen begins his fourth term and Howard his second term. I don’t know how you folks in their districts could vote for these do-nothings. And Cowan is another huge self-serving disappointment as she travels to Japan and Washington, D.C. on these silly government junkets on our tax dollars. What a waste of money.

I say thank you to all the volunteers who give of their time and effort in abating piles of garbage and ugly graffiti all about our community. You are very much appreciated. Keep up the great work.

Doug Parton

Crescent City