To all our neighbors from Boulder to Vipond off Lake Earl Drive:

Last Friday (Dec. 7) my husband, our dog and myself were out in our shop behind our home when a pit bull dog appeared out of nowhere and attacked our dog. While we were trying to pull that dog off our dog, another pit bull attacked our dog on her back and rear end.

My husband an I finally pulled the dogs off our dog and they ran off. Bleeding profusely, we rushed our dog to the vet. Oh yes, we were bitten also.

Our dog was in surgery for three hours and we were lucky she survived.

We called 911 and the sheriff’s office responded immediately — Deputy Travis Jolley — we give thanks to him. Animal control also responded and we give thanks to Micaela and Joshua.

Since we knew who owned the pit bulls, animal control took the two pit bulls away. Since then, I have gone down to animal control and was informed they would be released in 10 days and returned to their owner.

These are vicious dogs and we fear not only for ourselves and our dog but for all our neighbors. We have small children and elderly neighbors on our street and what happens when these dogs get loose again, and they will. They need to be put down.

Lastly, we want to give thanks to All Creatures Animal Hospital, our vet Dennis Wood, and his staff, Jessie, Angela, Ann, Kelly and Kristen. They saved our dog Snowy and we are very grateful.

Again, neighbors, be aware these dogs have attacked before. This could happen again.

Diana Calabretta

Crescent City