On New Year’s Eve, I was in bed listening to all the noise. I started to vomit. I called my caregiver and she came to help. After a long time, we decided to call for help. I was taken to the hospital by ambulance about 5 a.m.

The ER reminded me of a beehive. Hooking my up to a monitor, starting an IV, stripping off my clothes, putting on a clean gown, handing me a barf bag, asking questions, taking blood, putting tubes all over my body and much more.

The vomiting finally stopped and the doctor said I was going to be moved to a room. When I was settled, I began to meet the team. They answered my questions, got me a warm blanket, told me I could have nothing by mouth and gave me some swabs to use.

I was in there for three days and met many devoted caregivers. I want to thank them for making my stay much better than I expected.

Ada L. Wirbel

Crescent City