Recently a letter to the editor questioned just where another letter writer obtained their information and then proceeded to state his opinions that were completely erroneous. I get my information from newspapers and TV. I do not get it from the editorials or the opinions of various experts in the media as they are just that, opinions, not facts.

The letter stated: “The actions and behavior of the current illegal occupant of the POTUS position is the disaster of the century.” Just what is illegal about being duly elected president? Muller is trying to find anything to fault Trump and so far all he has found are long ago wrongdoings of aids no longer in Trump’s employ.

I searched and I couldn’t find anything codifying how a president should act. Trump is the president, and like it or not, anything he does or says is presidential.

The last time I looked the GDP was almost flat and unemployment increasing during Obama’s reign.

Now unemployment for all groups is the lowest in history, and the economy is the best in years.

You and others think the tax cut benefited the rich and not the working man. Tell that to the 50 percent that pay no taxes. I didn’t check, but I’m sure the top income earners still pay about the same percentage of the total tax burden.

I have no complaints about asylum seekers applying legally but feel those jumping the line should wait like everyone else. Funds for border protection also included funds for more immigration judges to speed up the asylum seekers approvals.

By the way, Mexico is already paying for the wall. They no longer financially benefit from the taxes and fees of manufacturing companies that moved back to the states and revisions to trade negations.

Additionally, when the wall is built it will drastically reduce the remittances from illegal immigrants.

I did see where we have utilized our natural resources to be energy independent. We no longer have to engage in the religious wars in the Middle East to protect the oil.

“Who is going to pick up the garbage in our national parks?” What happened to “If you are strong enough to carry it in full, you should be strong enough to carry it out empty” and “Leave nothing in our parks but your footprints.”

James (Jim) Wisbauer

Crescent City