5K Results


70 and up

1st Jim Brown 39:51


1st Brent Bayon 29:13

2nd Bill Guevara 33:52


1st John Brown 24:30

2nd Craig Hulse 25:46

3rd John Pritchett 30:57


1st Tony Klink 21:56

2nd Rob Clewell 24:02

3rd George Wilder 29:38


1st Chris Salas 20:25

2nd Aaron Goodwin 20:34

3rd Miguel Jaime 21:06


*1st Jesse Cipolla 19:06

2nd Austin Moore 22:32

3rd Jacob Patterson 22:40


1st Miguel Lopez 20:56

2nd Mason Mitchell 22:53

3rd James Mason 26:10


1st Jared Castro 22:02

2nd Santiago Montanez 23:42

3rd Kaleb Price 24:27

9 and under

1st Gino Rocca 34:22

2nd Braden Padilla 39:54

3rd Liam Eichelberger 41:52


70 and up

1st Kathy Brown 61:43


1st Janet Gilbert 29:48

2nd Dee Kelner 38:32


1st Tina Brown 29:45

2nd Marnie Gavin 50:05

3rd Cindy Soares 50:06


1st Kristen Klink 25:15

2nd Marissa Northrup 26:17

3rd Dawn Strom 30:10


*1st Amanda Bradshaw 23:08

2nd Brenda Rocca 23:52

3rd Holly Jacot 25:05


1st Hailey Hulse 25:35

2nd Samantha Yates 26:34

3rd Annie Graves 26:46


1st Samantha Gonzalez 27:24

2nd Costly That 32:45

3rd Grace Brushi 38:11


1st Jasmine Pearson 25:19

2nd Jaydence Clifton 27:18

3rd Alex Hook 31:53

9 and under

1st Heidi Riehl 28:00

2nd Katja Brown 29:35

3rd Bre Bergen 36:23

* Denotes overall winners

The Annual 4th of July Fun Run had just one course for the first time this year, a 5K, but it drew a record number of participants. A total of 151 runners and walkers completed the course, which started on Pebble Beach Drive before cutting through town on Pacific Avenue to meet up with the parade route before finishing on Front Street.

“Participation was way up this year even though we dropped the 10K,” said 4th of July Fun Run organizer Ralph Hirt. “There were a number of people who wanted to do the 10K, but they did the 5K instead. I haven’t totally ruled out bringing back the 10K, but a number of experienced runners told me not to do that. This is not a race for super times with the parade route and everything. We want to keep it fun and keep it simple, and getting rid of the 10K speeds the entire process up.”

In addition to saving Hirt about 30 minutes of setup time, cutting the 10K also cut the number of volunteers needed and helped reduce confusion at the finish line, Hirt said.

This year, the fastest time of the day was turned in by Jesse Cipolla, of Forks, Washington, who completed the course in 19:06 to finish over a minute faster than the next fastest runners. Amanda Bradshaw, of Crescent City, was the fastest female at 23:08.

While most of the 151 participants were local residents, the fun run drew people from nine different states, including Texas, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

“We have a lot of families come out together, which is great. We encourage a family fun day, and we work out a family rate at the start line so that no family has to spend too much,” Hirt said. “We came through it injury free again this year, which is always a big thing for me.”