Red Division Gross (lower handicap)

1. Calvin Maready, James Morrow 133

2. Gary Hix , Bond 140

3. Robbie Bohannon, Shaw 141

T4. Marco Contreras, Zach Lorens 150

T4. Greg Dillon, Keffe Dillon 150

Red Division Net

1. Robbie Bohannon, Shaw 114

2. Gene Hilger, Bill Spann 120

3. Gary Hix, Bond 121

4. Greg Dillon, Keffe Dillon 125

Green Division Gross (higher handicap)

1. Jim Reams, Ron Hendricks 153

2. Wayne Bolman, Steve Bolman 157

3. Tribur, DeVos 158

4. Gerry Hemmingsen, George Lincoln 159

Green Division Net

1. Jim Reams, Ron Hendricks 118

T2. Tribur, DeVos 120

T3. Doug Wakefield, Jeff Hemmingsen 120

T4. AC Fields, Rivera 123

T4. Guy Haggard, Todd Holmes 123

* Par for 36 holes is 142

The 45th Annual Wayne Bolman Member-Guest Tournament drew a total of 46 golfers to the Del Norte Golf Course on Friday and Saturday for a two-day, 36-hole doubles tournament.

Each team consisted of a Del Norte Golf Club member who paired up with a golfer from out of town.

“What is unique about it is that everybody plays with a partner that lives somewhere else,” said Del Norte Men’s Club President Don Olson. “Granted, some are as close as Brookings, Gold Beach or Humboldt, but we also had about five or six players from Turlock, there were a number of players from the Sacramento area and from as far north as Canada. So there is really quite a collection of people that show up to play.”

Olson said this year’s total of 46 golfers is roughly equivalent to last year’s, but it is far fewer than the event has drawn in past years.

“The last two years the numbers have dropped off,” Olson said. “We used to get 110 to 120 players at every tournament. A lot of the people that have played it forever, a number of them have passed away in the last three years and sometimes we have conflicting activities on the weekend.”

Olson said the Del Norte Men’s Club is currently trying to find ways to help increase participation.

The Wayne Bolman Member-Guest Tournament is named after former Del Norte Men’s Club president Wayne Bolman, who ran tournaments at the golf course for nearly 30 years. This year he Bolman teamed up with Steve Bolman to take second place in the green division gross standings.