Tie down roping

J. Cody Jones 9.7s

Brushton Minton 13.0s

Chase Collins 13.9s

Steer wrestling

J. Cody Jones 5.6s

Brushton Minton 6.4s

Edgar Mashado 9.0s

Break-away roping

Chanel Reese 2.8s

Jordan Gutsch 3.4s

Chelsey Bushnell 3.6s

Courtney Wood 4.5s

Barrel racing

Nina Moore 18.31s

Susie Gunter 18.32s

Jordan Gutsch 18.45s

Angie Hardin 18.47s

Brittany Mannner 18.53s

Kendall Doud 18.70s

Team roping

Ken Cook & Casey Darst 6.1s

Craig Harrison & Dusty Bravos 6.9s

Clayton Moore & Shawn Manning 7.5s

Saddle bronc riding

Larmie Collins 79 points

Jesse Williams 73 points

Cameron Buckingham 68 points

Bareback bronc riding

Casey Meroshneroff 81 points

Sam Oliver 71 points

Ground split

Bull riding

Tommy O’Neil 73 points

Ground split

The California Cowboys Pro Rodeo Association was back at Tri Counties Bank Area on Saturday for the 17th annual Redwood Coast Rodeo, held in conjunction with the Del Norte County Fair.

“The weather was great this year. You can’t get any better,” said rodeo organizer Kevin Hartwick. “We were a little bit under the gun this year because we were competing with a rodeo down in Santa Rosa that is going on today as well. So a lot of these cowboys are moving pretty fast because they competed up here and they are going down to Santa Rosa to compete again. That is a pretty long drive, but it is what they do on a regular basis in order to actually make a living doing rodeo.”

Billy Holland, who served as a pick up man for the rodeo while also competing in several of the events, said cowboys and cowgirls have to get used to cramped schedules in the rodeo business.

“It is every weekend,” said Holland, who works for Four Star Rodeo Company, which provided stock for the Redwood Coast Rodeo. “Some weekends I go to three rodeos in a weekend, some weeks I will only go to one. This year I left on June 28 and didn’t get home until the end of July. We went to a lot of rodeos there.”

Although Crescent City is just another stop on the tour, it is a stop that many of the competitors look forward to each year.

“I think this is one of the best rodeos there is going right now,” said Holland, who has competed in Crescent City at about 10 straight rodeos. “The committee here is unbelievable, and I like the cool weather. At home (Live Oak) it is 110 degrees right now, and I come here and it is 65 degrees and I am in a jacket. I enjoy the people and I just enjoy being up here. We are on the coast and it is something different.”

The Redwood Coast Rodeo also prides itself on going above and beyond in terms of welcoming cowboys and cowgirls to Crescent City.

“One of our mottos is: Nobody goes hungry out of here,” Hartwick said. “We continually keep providing more and more food so these guys get a free lunch, a free dinner and they have a good time. Some of them stick around for the dance as well.”

That extra effort from the committee does not go unnoticed either. The CCPRA has named the Redwood Coast Rodeo Committee its Committee of the Year for nine of the last 10 years.

“The crowd is always screaming, drinking cold beer and having a good time. I really like that about the people up here. It doesn’t matter if you get bucked off or if you score 90 points, they are still going to cheer and holler for you,” Holland said. “Everybody up here treats me well, especially the committee up here. This has been the CCPRA Rodeo of the Year for a lot of years. That is because of how they treat the contestants, our families, and just everything that they do for us. That is why I keep coming back here and supporting this rodeo — because I enjoy it.”

“They appreciate us being here. They come up and thank us, and tell us how well we are doing. They always make an awesome dinner for us. They just do things that other committees don’t. Other committees are like, ‘Hey, you are here to do a job. Just do the job, we will cut you a check and you can leave.’ This committee here makes you feel like you are part of the family.”

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