The Fortuna girls soccer team was just a set to quick for Del Norte for most of the night, and the Huskies were able to control the game and pull out a 3-0 victory.

“Fortuna was on our half of the field for the majority of the game. They are a good team — a really good team,” said Del Norte head coach Renee Rayls. “ Our defense was a little bit off today. They are usually absolutely solid, and I think they came back and played well in the last 10 minutes. Fortuna is fast and they broke through the middle a lot. They were just beating us off the ball and they were getting the first touch nine times out of ten. We need to work on being a little bit more aggressive and getting that first touch.”

The Warriors were able to keep the Huskies off the scoreboard until the 24th minute and trailed just 1-0 at halftime. Fortuna was able to break through for another goal in the 51st minute, and put the game away with a third goal with 12 minutes left in the game.

The Huskies were able to control the ball for most of the game, according to Rayls, and finished with 24 shots on goal, compared to nine shots from Del Norte.

Although Fortuna was able to put three shots into the Warriors’ net, Del Norte keeper Breaunna Johnson had another solid game between the pipes with 21 saves throughout the game.

“That was huge on her part — 21 saves is an insurmountable number,” Rayls said. “She is just playing her position well. She knows when to stay in goal and when to come out, she knows when to put the pressure on and she knows where to be. She has had a couple diving stops this year and has just been really good about punching the ball out and keeping it out of there.”

Rayls has said several times that the team’s speed and quickness have improved considerably since the beginning of the season, but Fortuna proved to be another step faster still throughout the match.

“We still have to work on our quickness and our plays,” she said. “Our speed is up from the beginning of the year in my opinion, but we still have a lot to improve. We still need to work on our plays and our formations.”

Wednesday’s game was Del Norte’s last road game of the regular season. The Warriors will be back in Crescent City for its final three contests, starting with a game against South Fork at about 1 p.m.

The Del Norte and South Fork girls teams tied 1-1 when they met in Miranda in September.

“The first time we played South Fork we weren’t really spread out. We were passing, but it was sloppy passing,” Rayls said. “We have improved since then though, so I think we have a good shot at beating them. We just need to come out and have good clean passes, keep our shape and play aggressively the whole time.”