Del Norte Youth Wrestling has the largest club in California, according to USA Wrestling, and the Warriors showed up in force at the team’s third wrestling meet of the season with 94 Del Norte grapplers competing in the Eureka Tournament on March 24.

Nearly half of the Warriors in attendance found themselves in the championship match of their respective age and weight classes with a total of 21 Del Norte wrestlers taking first place. Another 24 Warriors walked away as the tournament’s runner up.

Del Norte was also in action in Ferndale over the weekend in the team’s fourth meet of the season.


1st — Remy Mccovey, Wausec Natt, Mateo Rodriguez

2nd-place: Nemechay Bates, Kai Abasolo, Kyran Cedillo, Liam Gutierrez, Travis Jackson, Jaxson Meyer-Zlokovich


1st — Amaziah Cole, Cameron Crayton, Oscar Gensaw, Kellen Rice, Mason Webster

2nd — Colson Hernandez, Issak Nielsen, Edward Norris


1st — Alexander Cole

2nd — Chulh-Ts’a’s-Ne Bates, Blake Owen, “Big Daddy” Reyes-Villegas, Sophia Reyes-Villegas


1st — Curtis Bartley III, Christopher Doane-Peters, Soren Lewis, Channey Schaad, Ryker Schaad, Eric Stansbury, Reynaldo Martinez

2nd — Nathaniel Barker, Tyrone Crayton, Caden Harrison, William Mccovey, David Risling, Colton Schaad, Lilly Schaad, Michael Webster

School Boy

1st — Thayallen Gensawa

2nd — Kane Clark


1st — Mario Desolenni, Chaz Harrison, Poy-Wuson Aguilar

2nd — Autumn Turner, Bradley Wadsworth


1st — Braydon Henderson