Pelican Bay State Prison officials confirmed an inmate was apprehended April 30 after walking away from a minimum security housing area.

According to Department of Corrections Lt. John Silvera, the inmate was quickly located and apprehended after it was discovered he was missing.

At about 9 p.m., staff discovered inmate Nicholas Sell, 32, of Madera County, was not in his bunk. A search was initiated and local law enforcement was notified, Silvera said.

About 90 minutes later, Sell was observed walking along King’s Valley Road and was returned to custody.

Silvera said Sell is exercising his Miranda rights and is not speaking to authorities about the incident before seeing a judge.

Sell is serving a six-year sentence for first degree burglary and receiving/selling stolen property and was scheduled to be released on parole this December.

Silvera said the minimum security housing unit is the lowest level of security and essentially operates on an honor system, where inmates may work toward parole.

“We just expect them to do their time, work, get an education, do the best they can and parole like everyone else,” he said.