Officers arrested two people Monday for drug related charges after being pulled over near Anchor Way and U.S. 101, according to Crescent City police.

Chief Ivan Minsal said officers were conducting a traffic stop on a car, when one of the officers noted narcotics paraphernalia in plain sight in the vehicle. Police K9 Django was called to the scene and conducted an open air sniff around the car and alerted officers to the presence of narcotics, a CCPD social media post stated.

A search of the vehicle found several items allegedly related to narcotics, including foil, syringes, a glass pipe and other paraphernalia. Police said they also located several items believed to have been stolen. Officers are continuing to investigate.

Driver, Chason Gra Pope, 27, and passenger Shaylee Morgan Carpenter, 22, both of Crescent City, were taken into custody.

Pope was booked into county jail for possession of controlled substance and driving without a license. Carpenter was booked into jail for providing false information to an officer, petty theft, and two counts of possession of paraphernalia.

The car was towed and stored, both suspects were later released from jail.