Team (3 of 4 best ball)


1 — Lee Richardson, Del Gray, Dave Plunkett, Rick Russell: 375

2 — Dave Rutledge, Scott McShane, Kirk Olsen, Scott Neilson

3 — Barry Mortimeyer, Mark Anderson, Steve Evanow, James Sturgess

2nd flight

1 — Zach Lorenz, Bob Sarina, A.C. Fields, Scott Bernal: 374

2 — Adam Taylor, T.R. Sampels, Jeff Newton, Kevin Baxter: 388

3 — Tomas Garcia, Troy Freeman, Danny Blackburn, Doug Wakefield: 397



1. Bill Speer IV, 137

2. James Haban, 140

3. Nate Atkins, 144

4. Jeff Newton, 146

4. Brett Town, 146

4. Stetson Olsen, 146


1. Bob Sarina, 121

2. Scott McShance, 129

3. George Lincoln, 130

3. Mark Anderson, 130

5. Jeff Newton, 132



1. James Haban, 69

2. Nate Atkins, 70

3. Jeff Newton, 72

3. Gary Hix, 72

3. Bill Speer IV, 72

3. John Mygrant, 72


1. Joe Belli, 62

2. Jeff Newton, 64

2. Bob Sarina, 64

4. Scott McShane, 65

4. Norm Wilder, 65



1. Bill Speer IV, 65

2. Stetson Olsen, 71

2. Calvin Maready, 71

2. James Haban, 71

5. Brett Towns, 72

5. Bob Sarina, 72


1. Bob Sarina, 57

2. George Lincoln, 63

2. Mark Anderson, 63

4. Scott McShane, 64

4. Jeff Brittain, 64

4. Del Gray, 64

4. A.C.Fields, class="Apple-tab-span"> 64

The Annual Bill Speer III Memorial Sweepstakes Golf Tournament was back at Del Norte Golf Course on Saturday and Sunday for the 30th year, signaling the annual migration of inland golfers to the Del Norte coast for perhaps the last time.

The tournament brought out a grand total of 104 golfers this year, and as always many of those competitors came from Shasta and Sacramento counties.

“A lot the the people who come and play this tournament are from out of town,” said Del Norte Men’s Club President Don Olsen. “Of the 104 players, I would say probably at least 60 are from the Redding and Sacramento areas.”

Although the tournament has been called the Bill Speer Memorial Tournament for the past 30 years, it originally started as the Del Norte Calcutta.

“This tournament has been going on for probably close to 45 years. It was renamed the Bill Speers III Memorial Tournament 30 years ago after he died,” Olsen explained. “Bill Speer (III) grew up here and played golf, then went to Shasta and played golf through college and remained an avid golfer.”

In memory of Bill Speer III, his son Bill Speer IV of Redding comes to the coast with many of his golf buddies to compete in the tournament. The Speers are especially embedded in the Del Norte golfing community, as Bill Speer III’s father — Bill Speer II — was one of the original founders of the Del Norte Golf Course.

This year, the tournament was held on the heels of course owner Elk Valley Rancheria announcing that it would be closing the golf course effective July 1.

While the news of the impending closure has hit many local golf enthusiasts hard, many of the participants at this year’s tournament were hopeful that the Bill Speer III Memorial would be back for its 31st year in 2019.

“The out of town crowd that followed Bill Speer (IV) here really wants to keep this going,” Olsen said. “They vowed to keep this event going and the talk was that maybe they would move it over to Redding or to Brookings next year if we don’t get a new buyer by then. The people in Sacramento and Redding missed out on three days of 100 plus degree temperatures, and they came over here and it was flat beautiful — in the low 80s on Saturday and in the higher 80s on Sunday.”

Although the future of the course in Del Norte is uncertain, competitors put on a show on one of the last days the course will be open.

Speer IV had a tremendous day on Sunday, shooting a score of 65 that Olsen said is within a couple strokes of the course record. That allowed Speer IV to pass up Crescent City native James Haban who shot the lowest round of the day on Saturday with a 69, for the overall lowest gross score over the two days.

Bob Sarina also had a strong weekend at the Del Norte Golf Course and won the net division — which subtracts the player’s handicap from their gross score — on the strength of a 57 net score on Sunday after shooting a gross score of just one over par. Joe Belli shot the lowest next score of the day on Saturday with a 63.

“There was some very good golf being played out there,” Olsen said.

The team of Les Richardson, Dave Plunkett, Rick Russell, and Dal Gray ended up shooting the lowest team score of the tournament to take first place.

The Del Norte Golf Course is scheduled to remain open through Saturday before officially shutting its doors on Sunday. Prior to the closure, the Del Norte Men’s Club and the Del Norte Women’s Club are planning to hold one last hurrah at the course with a round of golf and a barbecue on Saturday.

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