Calf roping

1st: Billy Holland 12.7

2nd: Mike George 23.1

3rd: Riley George 29.8

Steer wrestling

1st: Billy Holland

Ground split

Break-away roping

1st: Chanel Reese 3.5

2nd: Marla Zuber 3.6

Ground split

Barrel racing

T1st: Cathy Vallerga 18.33

T1st: Masey Minton 18.33

3rd: Susie Gunter 18.36

4th: Meeg Champion 18.53

Team roping

1st: Wes Moore and
Clayton Moore 7.1

2nd: Billy Holand and Mike George 7.9

3rd: Brian Humphrey and Sterling Humphrey 11.8

Saddle bronc riding

1st: Quinter McWhorter 74

2nd: Luke White 72

3rd: Sterling Humphrey 64

Bareback bronc riding

1st: Sam Oliver 72

Bull riding

Ground split

The California Cowboys Professional Rodeo Association was back in town, taking center stage at the Del Norte County Fair on Saturday in the 18th annual Redwood Coast Rodeo at Tri Counties Bank Arena.

Professional cowboys and cowgirls came from all over California to compete for both cash prizes and positioning in the CCPRA standings in events such as break-away roping, steer wrestling, and more.

“I thought it was just an excellent rodeo this year — the kid stuff, of course, is always my favorite,” said Redwood Coast Rodeo organizer Kevin Hartwick. “The people all seemed to enjoy it. It was just about perfect timing, about two and a half hours. There was lots of excitement and you could tell just by the way that people got into it that it was a good fit for this crowd.”

As always, kids had the opportunity to enter the arena during the intermission to compete for a bike in the calf scramble. This year, however, kids had a new opportunity to compete in front of the crowd with mutton busting added to the events.

“Over at the onion stage they had kids mutton busting all week long,” Hartwick said. “The kids knew that this was going to happen in the main rodeo. They have been able make connections with kids all week long, and those kids showed up to ride. To bring them out into the arena and have them do it in front of everyone was just great. It was good to see kids and grandkids and grandpas and dads headed out there to help the kids out. The kids did a really good job too.”

Included in the professional field this year were three local competitors. Cowgirls Misty Fitzhugh and Madison Douglas, both from Crescent City, competed in the barrel racing while Crescent City’s Anthony Hardy competed in bull riding

Although none of the bull riders were able to stay on for the required eight seconds, Hardy had one of the longest rides of everyone.

“People got excited about it,” Hartwick said of the locals in the rodeo this year. “The barrel racers did a great job, and our local bull rider put on quite a performance. I thought he was going to ride it all the way to the end. He looked first class. He should be proud of his work.”

Hartwick said he wants to thank all of the Redwood Coasts Rodeos sponsors for keeping the riding and wrangling going for almost 20 years.

“I think what stands out, like every year, is that we have such enormous support from the community,” Hartwick said. “These sponsors don’t have to do this, but they do and it is really cool.”

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