Adult Volleyball League
(Final Standings)

Team Fearless 8-0

Wild Rivers Pizza 7-1

Alder Point 6-2

CC Crusaders 4-4

Green Machine 4-4

Hit Me With Your Best Shot! 3-5

Spike It 2-6

Redwood Parks 2-6

Kiss My Ace 0-8

The Del Norte Recreation Department has brought adult volleyball back to the county this year after a fairly long hiatus.

“It is the first year for it since I have been around,” said Del Norte Recreation Department Assistant Coordinator Justin Yslas. “I think maybe they had a league back in the 90s and early 2000s maybe, but it has been a long time.”

The volleyball league, which is all coed this year, actually came about in the fall due to the Recreation Department doing work on Pyke Field,. Those repairs forced the fall slowpitch softball league to be canceled this year.

“Since we were redoing the fields we just decided, ‘lets try a volleyball league,’ and it filled up quick,” Yslas said. “We wanted to cap it at six teams so we could play three games and everybody plays every night. But teams just kept pouring in, so we ended up at nine teams, and there were a couple teams we had to turn away.”

Yslas said the league was advertised for a short time, but it still more than filled its set quota.

“It wasn’t open long,” he said. “It wasn’t like softball where it is open for a month. It all happened in about two or three weeks.”

The league has attracted nine teams and an estimated 70 total players this year. Many of the players are those who would normally be playing slowpitch through the fall, but Yslas said it has also brought in some new faces as well.

“Everybody wants to play. It is kind of the same group (as slowpitch softball) but kind of a different group,” Yslas said. “It is just a bigger variety of people that we are bringing out. It seems like it has gone really well. Everybody has really enjoyed it and has had fun.”

The league has been in action every Tuesday and Wednesday at the Del Norte Recreation Department Gym since Oct. 3, and the regular season finally came to a close on Tuesday before the playoffs officially kicked off on Wednesday.

Yslas said with such a successful first go at volleyball this year, the plan is to offer volleyball on an annual basis moving forward. It may not be at exactly the same time of year in 2019 though.

“I think in the future I would like to do it during the high school basketball season,” Yslas said. “We have youth basketball, but we have nothing going on during the week. So that is something we might be able to do next year. Next year we will get back out and do slowpitch softball again though too.”

Yslas said with the league coming together so quickly they decided that each team must have at least two of each gender on the court with a total of six players in the game at any one time.

The league may look a little bit different next year, however. In fact, it may not even be just one league.

“Maybe in the future we could make it three and three, and make it an actual coed split,” Yslas said. “Then we might be able to do a men’s league and a women’s league if we get enough — it would be ideal if we could get that many teams.”

But before worrying about next year the adult volleyball league has a champion to crown. Team Fearless has been the team to beat throughout the regular season, but nobody has been able to, as it vaulted to a perfect 8-0 regular season record and the tournament’s No. 1 seed.

The double elimination playoffs started up on Wednesday, and are expected to finish up shortly before Christmas.