The local USA Boxing chapter, part of Warrior MMA, had its second official competition on Dec. 1 at the Caballero B.C. Gym in Sacramento. The Warriors only had one boxer competing this time around as Dillon Sargent made his USA Boxing debut.

“He fought hard and demonstrated what we are teaching them,” said coach Pete Blancarte, who along with Dillon’s dad, Bryan Sarget, are the two certified USA Boxing instructors with the gym. “Overall it was a strong fight.”

Sargent took on Juan Alberto of South Palo Alto in his first ever fight. Despite a good effort, Sargent ended up falling in a three-round decision.

“I thought it was fun. I was happy I went. I lost, but it was still a good experience,” Sargent said. “I’m going to be ready for the next one I think. I learned what not to do for sure, because I know I messed up on a lot of stuff. I also learned that I need to come out more aggressively.”

Warrior MMA started up earlier this year as an influx of younger athletes started showing up at the Warrior MMA gym with an interest in boxing. Blancarte and Bryan Sargent decided to get certified as coaches by USA Boxing over the summer, and the team had its first official fights in October in Stockton.

“This was our last fight of the year, but we are going to set up a boxing traveling team for this coming year,” Blancarte said. “We are already planning on going back to Stockton on March 9. Caballero also wants us to come back on March 29 to fight in their tournament.”

The brand new boxing team is still fairly small, with only a small fraction of the kids working out at the gym actually interested in competing.

“On our traveling team right now we have six. It varies for any given competition because sometimes the kids have to get caught up on their school work,” Blancarte said. “Of course we have about 15 or 20 kids that are in here right now, but most of them aren’t going to be on the traveling team.”

Blancarte said the club is hoping to grow, however.

“If there are any youngsters who are seriously interested in fighting and want to be part of a USA Boxing team come on down,” he said. “We will give them a tryout and see how they do. We will give them two free lessons to see if they like it. But they don’t have to be part of the traveling team — just come on down and be part of the team.”