Matthew Brock

The Warriors visited their neighbors at Brookings-Harbor High School Wednesday night to play a non-league game against the Bruins. The Warriors stole the momentum in the first quarter and kept a healthy lead over the Bruins or the rest of the game, ending with a clean 61-33 win.

“We shared the ball very well and played excellent defense. We played all ten girls on the team,” said Del Norte head coach Justin Clifton . “We basically had to swap in a whole new offense as some of our players separated from our team with a more run and gun style, but we got in a lot of shots and transition points.”

The Bruins kept pace with the Warriors for most of the first quarter as they scored first with a freethrow by Sierra Kitzhugh. The Warriors followed up with a couple three-pointers to steal the lead, but the Bruins followed closely behind until the three-minute mark.

An injury on the Warriors side caused a timeout and after both teams had caught their breath, the Warriors went all out to a big 19-9 lead at the end of the first quarter. From there they maintained a fast-paced and physical game, outscoring the Bruins 17-13 in the second quarter to end the half at a wide 36-22 advantage.

“We knew they were good coming in and I just don’t think we competed very well tonight,” said Bruins head coach Chris Schofield. “Things didn’t go well for us in the first half and I don’t think we responded very well. We couldn’t make shots and let it affect everything else.”

The Bruins were rattled in the second half and unable to make much headway in the third quarter. The Warriors outscored them 13-3, widening the gap at 49-25. The Bruins rallied a bit in the fourth to trail behind the Warriors at a 12-8 split, but ultimately ended with the Warriors far ahead at 61-33.

“We had a few turnovers, but I let the girls play a little wild. Our team is just having so much fun and you can see it on the court,” Clifton said. “We play like a family and you can see it on the court.”

Kaleya Sanchez led the Warriors in scoring with a glut of two-point shots in the first quarter to start the game off with 10 points and end with 22 points total. Next best was Jadence Clifton who scored 19 points over the course of the game despite being injured in the first quarter.

The Warriors travel to Hoopa on Dec. 2 to play the Hoopa Valley Warriors in their final pre-season game of the season. After that, the Warriors begin league play against Fortuna on Dec. 4.