1st-place: Chase Bachmann, William Gillis, Remy Mccovey, Lawrence Orcutt, Jase Price-Lewis, Ayden Pulley, Welantuk Steinruck

2nd-place: Nemechay Bates,

Jionni Vengas-Ochoa


1st-place: Manuel Contreras, Josie Dowd, Albee Mccovey, Hailey Mello, Justin Osburne, Angel Taggart

2nd-place: Trevon Barbour, Aiden Bartholomew, Mateo Chadwick, Lucas Fox, Lucas Lopez, Colton Magana, Emmett Mello, Jaxson Meyer-Zlokovich, Evan Mitchell, Dillon Pulley


1st-place: Amaziah Cole, Jaxon Johnson, Remington Orozco, Sophia Reyes-Villegas

2nd-place: Estevan Gonzalez, Haden Mello, Salvador Vengas-Ochoa


1st-place: Chulh-Ts’A’S-Ne Bates, Ka-Get Dowd, William Mccovey, David Risling, Colton Schaad, Harley Stokes

2nd-place: Cody Burshem, Julian Delillo, Camden James, Wilson Leblanc, Robert Reyes-Villegas, Wyatt Sharp


1st-place: Curtis Bartley III, Eric Stansbury, Vincent Tracy

2nd-place: Aidan Hernandez, Aeneas Lopez, Reynaldo Martinez, Adenne Schaad, Wyatt Borges, Nakai


1st-place: Poy-Wuson Aguilar

The Del Norte Youth Wrestling program was back in action over the weekend. The Warriors had a total of 89 wrestlers make the trip to Fortuna for the weekly Redwood Empire Wrestling Association tournament.

A total of 26 Warriors ended up in first place in their respective age and weightclass, while 28 more Del Norte grapplers took second place.

Meanwhile the Warriors sent four girls south to Fresno for the Cadet/Junior Freestyle State Tournament and three of them managed to make the podium.

Autumn Turner and Danika Scott both finished in fifth place overall in their weightclass, while Jenny Schaad finished in 7th place. Ashley Turner also competed in Fresno for Del Norte.