Following the parade, Crescent City’s Fourth of July celebration headed a few blocks south to Beachfront Park where they were greeted with a festive atmosphere complete with music, art, food and much more.

The Crescent City Chamber of Commerce has been hard at work, planning the towns signature event since almost the start of 2019.

“We have been planning this event for about six months,” said chamber of commerce executive director Sarah Caron. “It takes the entire community to pull off this event. We have had so many new people that give a lot of time, energy and resources to this event and it really is a visual representation of the support that we have in this community.”

Live music blared from a portable stage as Disturbing the Peace, Steve Burg, and Blue on Black each took their turn entertaining the masses. Nearby people waited in lines for one of more than a dozen different food carts, or packed into the beer garden for an Independence Day brew.

Over in Kids Town there was lots to do with a zipline, rockclimbing wall, and more.

The marketplace vendors were in a new home this year, edging a little bit closer to the rest of the action from their tradition position in the Kids Town parking lot.

“We moved to the middle of Stamps Way so that they can have a better flow with the traffic,” Caron said. “The vendors seem to be happy about it, and the patrons as well. It helps them feel included in the event, and it looks like they are busier than they have been in years past. So I think it was a good decision.”

Meanwhile, multiple events took place in Beachfront Park throughout the day, kicking off with free RE/MAX hot air ballon rides.

“We are grateful that the weather cooperated for RE/MAX to be able to offer hot air balloon rides for people to get a whole new view of the community,” Caron said.

About an hour after the parade finished, various fire departments pulled up their trucks and tested their aim in an event known as waterball, where two teams take aim at the same target and try to use the water from the hose to push it towards the other team.

“The waterball competition was a huge success again this year,” Caron said.

“We added extra events this year, and more teams from different fire departments. So that was a huge success this year.”

In the middle of all the action, various artists were also hard at work on Pastels in the Park. Some of the artists spent most of the day patiently building up various colors of chalk, layer by layer, until they achieved the complete picture they had imagined.

“I love the local favorite Pastels in the Park,” Caron said. “It is such an awesome opportunity for artists to showcase their abilities.”

And, of course, cow chip bingo was once again a hit this year as onlookers urged the calves to let their bowels loose whenever they neared the desired square.


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