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Sherry Brenson said she loves working with the special-needs population through the Dragonfly Program in Crescent City.

In fact, she said, she’s spent many of her 65 years in the homecare and hospice profession. “Unfortunately, there’s the saying in that field: you go home with a full heart, but an empty pocketbook.”

When she gets home, she has her 6-year-old dog, Kramer, to greet her. A basenji mix, Kramer has been a member of her fur family since he was one.

“I found him running down Highway 25 near Hollister,” said Brenson. “I tried to find his parents, but I guess he was abandoned. So, I’ve been stuck with him ever since,” she said lovingly.

Joining them at home is Cosmo, a pit bull/mastiff mix that accompanies Brenson to nursing homes as a therapy dog, and Scooter, a shih tzu mix.

The four live a sparse existence in a fifth-wheel trailer.

When Kramer developed cataracts in both eyes, Brenson said she couldn’t afford to pay $4,000 for corrective surgery by a specialist in Medford. So to help with expenses, a friend set up a Go Fund Me account.

Brenson broke down the costs for the surgery:

— $172 to walk into the veterinary clinic

— $430 for testing blood/urine

— $3,200 for cataract surgery on one eye

— Or $4,200 on both

“If I can get enough for just one eye, that would be great,” she said. “Scooter lost one of his eyes a few months ago in an accident and gets along just fine.”

For more information about Kramer and the Go Fund Me account, visit www.gofundme.com/f/bring-vision-to-kramer.


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