Crescent City Public Works crews worked around the clock over the weekend to keep a water pump system manually running in the Fort Dick area.

City officials said a cell tower had failed, cutting off communications with the automatic computer back in Crescent City. City Manager Eric Wier said the telemetry cell tower failure occurred in the early morning hours Saturday, which raised a number of significant issues.

“Probably about eight dedicated staff worked around the clock to make sure the system stayed online,” Wier said.

“The cell communications tower is used to turn the pumps on and off at an elevated tank on Wonder Stump Road.”

The cell tower in Fort Dick is about nine miles north of Crescent City off U.S. Highway 101, while the water tank is about three miles south of the cell tower.

Wier said the elevated tank overflowed a few times, but human hands kept the system running properly. As a result, he said, residents in the area experienced no loss of service during the transition from computer to human control.

“They were able to put back in the computer-operated system as of Sunday night,” Wier said. “Hats off to the Public Works crews who maintained the system around the clock.”

He said staff members are still working with Verizon to determine what caused the cell tower’s failure.

In another incident, a water mainline break occurred early Monday morning, also in the Fort Dick area. Wier said that caused a slight reduction in water pressure from 4:30-6:30 a.m.

Fort Dick customers experienced air in the water lines until full services were restored at 6:30 a.m., Wier said.

“We’re still trying to establish what caused the main line break,” he said. It didn’t appear the two problems were related.


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