(From left) Future general manager Allan Martin, Bobbie Martin, Terry Martin and future owner James Martin pose in front of the Del Norte Golf Course sign on Wednesday. The Martins are currently leasing the property while the sale goes through the escrow process. Not pictured is James Martin’s wife Deborah Lyle.

Although the sale of Del Norte Golf Course has not been finalized, an offer to purchase the course has been made and accepted. Elk Valley Rancheria is still officially the owner as the sale goes through the escrow process, but starting on Tuesday it has already begun to lease the property to the prospective new owners, who immediately started work to restore the golf course to good playing condition.

“It is still going to be a golf course, but it will be a period of time before we open,” said James Martin, who will be the new owner of the course when the sale is finalized.

Although Martin currently lives in Illinois, he said he plans to move back to the area sometime this fall.

Martin is already familiar with the course and the area after living in Brookings where he worked as a general contractor in the 1980s and early ‘90s.

It is also where his son Allan, who is planning to serve as the general manager, learned the game of golf.

“I started coming out here right as I was coming into high school,” Allan Martin said.

“My dad brought me out here to the course, and we didn’t have Salmon Run up in Brookings at that point in time, so this is what we consider our home course.

“On weekends, we would come down here when we could and play a game.”

Although James and Allan Martin have a sentimental attachment to the course, they said it has been the community support that convinced them to make an offer to purchase the property and re-open Del Norte Golf Course.

“Upon visiting with the local people who are golfers and not golfers, I decided to buy the golf course because of all the enthusiasm and community support for re-opening the golf course,” James Martin said.

He said he is planning on keeping the name, but there is currently no projected date for when the course will re-open to the public.

“We won’t know until we get out on it and start bringing it down, because you have to bring it down slowly — a layer at a time — and then go through the greens,” Allan Martin said.

“We won’t really have a best estimate until we get into it.”

Once re-opened, golfers can expect the course to look mostly the same as it did before closing its doors in July 2018.

“It is going to be family owned and managed, and we want families of all ages to come out and be able to enjoy themselves and fall in love with the game of golf,” Allan Martin said.

“We aren’t looking to make any sort of major changes — we are reviving the golf course.”

Rose Peasley of Remax helped facilitate the sale.


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