Police cars

Crescent City Police Department vehicles block traffic on Second Street while they investigated a possible explosive device.

Crescent City Police closed Second Street at 11:30 a.m. today after a suspicious device was found at the Redwood National and State Parks office. 

A tool box that had fallen off a truck on Highway 101 on Wednesday, Nov. 6, was dropped by the state parks office on Second Street. When the staff took inventory of the boxes’ contents this morning, they found the gadget and proceeded to evacuate the building as a safety precaution.

“They thought it was a possible explosive device inside of it, so we set a perimeter… then after we were able to get a look at it,” said Police Chief Richard Griffin.

The police department, Del Norte Sheriff’s (DNSO) deputies and the National Parks employees closed the section of Second Street around the building and set up a parameter and an Incident Command location while people evacuated the building.

After investigation, law enforcement determined the device was not a safety threat.

DNSO Sergeant McManus, a bomb technician, found the gadget harmless and identified it as a transportation device for controlled substances normally attached to the bottom of vehicles. In this case, it held methamphetamine. 

“What caused the concern was the way the [device’s] construction was, but that would be the way to secure it to a vehicle underneath,” Griffin said.

He said the road closure and law enforcement’s response was “more safety than anything else.”

In a press release, he added this was an excellent example of multiple local law enforcement agencies collaborating in an emergency, and commended everyone for their teamwork.


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