The price of gasoline in California is only cents away from the highest recorded here in five years.  

Gasoline prices in the state of California have leaped in the past few days, reaching an average of $4.05 per gallon - only 7 cents below the highest price paid in five years 

That’s according to Gas Buddy, which tracks such things 

And it’s even worse in Crescent City, where prices recently have been ranging from $4.09 to $4.35. 

That’s among the highest prices, on average, in the country. The national average is $2.65 per gallon ... a whopping $1.70 or so difference. 

Why? For one thing, Californians pay a higher-than-usual sales tax, which recently increased to 47.3 cents per gallon.  

Lucky for Crescent City residents, they can make the drive to the Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation’s Lucky 7 Casino in Smith River, where gasoline ranges from $3.17 to $3.29 per gallon. “It’s likely because the (Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation) is not subject to the same federal and state taxes that California residents pay,” said American Automobile Association spokesman Devin Gladden. 

In previous years, gas prices lowered with the end of summerThat’s when producers turn to cheaper-to-produce winter gasoline. But this year, California’s gas prices have gone up rather than down, thanks to numerous refinery shortages, said Gladden.   

He said the demand for gas is outpacing the supply because of those shortages. Consequently, prices have been rising at the pump.  

And for those living in scenic – and remote - Del Norte County, the redwood forests, adjacent coastline and smaller towns all boost the cost of transporting gasoline by pipeline 

So for now, at least, that trip to the store will cost California motorists more. 


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