Pyke Field

Pyke Field is located east of H Street and Meridian Street. County representatives will be located at the snack bar near the entrance off East Macken Avenue.

The Del Norte County Recreation Department is gathering information to submit a Proposition 68 grant application for funding to spruce up Pyke Field.

The department will hold a final workshop July 23 at Pyke Field, by the snack bar near field 2, to distribute information and receive community input.

“It is our final public workshop for the Del Norte County Recreation Department,” said department Director Kelsey Bozeman. “And we thought we would do a pop-up one, because we wanted to collect a little bit more information from the community.

“Essentially, it is a time for the public and residents of Del Norte County to propose their dreams about what they would like to see happen at Pyke Field,” said Bozeman.

Representatives from Del Norte County will be on hand throughout the night as the Recreation Department’s slow-pitch softball coed league competes on the fields, starting at 6:00 through about 10 p.m.

“It is kind of a time to pop in and check it out,” Bozeman said. “We will be there the entire night, so really it is up to residents when they want to come.”

Bozeman said the county will be providing information about Proposition 68, and the specifics of the grant.

“Basically, we will be going over what Proposition 68 is and how it was voted upon in 2018,” she said. “We will also go over the program overview and what funding is available, examples of eligible projects and supported amenities.

“Then it is really the time for the public to tell us what they think, and to dream big.”

Proposition 68, also known as the California Drought, Water, Parks, Climate Coastal Protection and Outdoor Access for All Act of 2018, was passed by the state’s voters in the June 2018 election.

According to a press release from the Del Norte County Recreation Department, a total of $254,942,000 is available.

The grant sought by Del Norte County could be used to create a new park, or expand or renovate an existing park, said local officials.

Bozeman said the recreation department considered several possible sites for the grant proposal, and decided Pyke Field would have the highest probability of receiving the funding.

“(Pyke Field) … meets the minimum requirement for an eligible project site,” Bozeman said. “We did look at other Del Norte County facilities for this grant opportunity. However, right now we have determined that this site best qualifies based on the amount of available park space for residents surrounding, and the median household income being below the threshold.

“There are going to be subsequent rounds of funding in the future,” she said, “so there is always a possibility for other sites that we could look at.”

Bozeman said the department has held multiple workshops, but wanted to hold one more on Tuesday for additional input.

“We have held four public workshops and we have reached out to two other community groups in which we have presented Proposition 68 information.

“This will be our final one, and we thought it would be a great opportunity to do it out on the fields,” Bozeman said.

“It is a highly used area, great for multi-generational use. There is an abundance of ideas that range from creating better fields to better play spaces.”


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