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Dear Editor: It has been a while since I have been back in Crescent City, so I must apologize for the tardiness of the following comments about a guest opinion by Ruth Rhodes in the Aug. 30 issue of The Triplicate.

Dear Editor: Del Norte Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution sends thanks and appreciation for the informative article written by your ace reporter, David Hayes, and published in the Sept. 14. Triplicate, “DAR plans local awareness campaign for Constitution Week, Sept. 17-23.”

Our recently-hired reporters in Crescent City and Brookings are now hitting their stride, providing increasingly relevant coverage of the activities and residents in Country Media’s two new communities. Your ongoing positive feedback underscores that.

It’s a Friday, and the boat is all fueled up and ready for an offshore adventure chasing albacore on Saturday.

Dear Editor: As a new resident to the north coast, having moved here just under a year ago, I am enchanted with the rugged beauty and the weather. It sure beats the 100-degree days in the Sacramento Valley.

Dear Editor: Thanks for the articles on the salmon season. I heard it was good fishing up north of Coos Bay, as well as central California. For some reason, the forage fish (salmon food) were at very low abundance from Coos Bay to Point Arena this year.

Dear Editor: On the Sunday afternoon before Labor Day, I was on my daily walk with my little dog down Howe Drive by Beachfront Park. I was just approaching the path behind the sewer plant when a young man came up behind me and said, “I’ll walk through here with you.”

Overwhelmed? Confused? Equipment breakdowns? Way too much going on? Decisions? Stuff everywhere? Too complicated?  

Dear Editor: Let’s look at the homeless problem we are having. They’re sleeping in our backyards and in our parks. The county needs to look at the problem. Ignoring it doesn’t help.

While everyone is welcome to read this message, it’s directed at you, my fellows, who think of yourselves as white.

Dear Editor: As a long-time Triplicate subscriber and a founding board member of the Lighthouse Repertory Theatre 41 years ago (1978), I was offended that you titled our theatre group “Lighthouse Repository Theatre,” not once but twice.  

… Time for us all to be more watchful as we drive through town, because there will be lots of kids present in the streets with the new school year. Excited at seeing friends they may have not seen for those weeks of summer vacation, they could well not be paying attention to traffic like the…

How is it possible that the mornings already are beginning to feel like fall, the trees are turning colors and school is about to start?

Dear Editor: This goes to the gentleman who helped me out at Grocery Outlet. I was standing in line with my groceries, getting ready to pay with my brand-new “EBT” card. Just as I was paying for my food, my “EBT” card would not work. After many tries, with a new, fully loaded card, my card w…

“What a coincidence!”

Dear Editor: First, I would just like to say how much fun it has been watching this newspaper come alive over the last few weeks. I am enjoying the stories, layout, fonts, photographs and all the colors. Thank you all so much! Your hard work shows.

Dear Editor: While I greatly appreciate the effort that Mr. Creager made in the July 27 Triplicate, “It’s the reservoirs that promote algae,” he goes on to create the scenario that if the four Klamath River Dams are removed, it will solve all of the river’s problems.

Dear Editor: As a subscriber to both the Curry Coastal Pilot and The Del Norte Triplicate, I have watched recent issues with interest. Although readers were jolted by changes following the sudden ownership transition, I think the papers are improving with each edition over the past few weeks.

Funny thing about our kids. After we pass a certain point in our lives, they decide they need to start taking care of us. Sometimes, that translates to them moving us great distances.

Dear Friends, Welcome to the 2019 Del Norte County Fair!


Steve and I are meeting an increasing number of nice, helpful people in our new communities of Crescent City, Brookings and surrounding area.

Dear Editor, as a senior environmental scientist and environmental program manager for the California Regional Water Quality Control Board’s North Coast Region, I’ve spent more than a decade of my career studying, developing and implementing pollutant-control and ecological restoration progr…

Dear Editor, Baird and I would like to thank the Chamber of Commerce for the honor of being Grand Marshals in this year’s Fourth of July parade. 

Dear Editor, I am writing this article concerning an encampment of homeless people located just below Pebble Beach Drive near Preston Island.

There will be tomatoes and peppers ready in the hothouse soon, and I can hardly wait. One of my favorite sandwiches is just sliced tomatoes with mayo and a slight sprinkle of salt, on any variety of bread.


Earlier this week, one of our reporters was asked by a news source if Country Media would be shutting down The Triplicate and/or The Pilot. In response, he wondered aloud to her, “Why would the new owners spend all of that money just to close the doors?”


When learning a new task as a youngster, it could be frustrating and seemingly impossible. But my mom would remind me that as long as I was taking two steps forward and only one back, I was making progress.

The excitement of the Fourth is fading, and that of the fair stirring. But there’s still something good going on.

Walking. It’s great to walk and talk with a friend. Sometimes I walk alone and often find that I’m singing hymns to myself. Several months ago I was having trouble walking with pain in my hip, and getting worse, and wondered if eventually I wouldn’t be able to walk anymore. Hymn 139 from the…

Hello, Brookings and Crescent City! We’re privileged to be the new owners of the Curry Coastal Pilot and the Del Norte Triplicate.

The Fairy Godmothers would like to extend a huge and heartfelt thank you to the entire Crescent City community for their help in making The Fairy Godmother Boutique a success this year.

Last week, a very tall, handsome, athletic looking man with blue eyes, burst through the front door of the Triplicate newspaper and said to the two older ladies working the front desk, “That article Sucks!” He left promptly. We had no idea what he was talking about.

I recently attended a sporting event at our local high school. The restrooms at our high school football field are terrible. It really does not represent our school or players well. Especially when opposing teams have to use the facilities.

It has been 1.25 yrs. since I retired after 10 years of working for the Del Norte Triplicate and 35 years working for the newspaper industry overall. It was in its heyday when I first started. The internet was just beginning to take off, so it hadn’t had the chance to have much of an effect …

In regards to Sarah Menkedicks column “Time to take aim at male entitlement by saying no” I have to say it’s the first time in a while that something I read in the Triplicate boiled my blood.

Many folks have contacted me and asked me what is my solution in addressing the so-called homeless conditions in Del Norte County. Stating many times, I believe there can be no solution until services are mandatory and compulsory. Simply stated, one cannot live out in the bushes; it is dange…

Jon Alexander of “Angels and Desperados” fame recently noted that among all the negativity we see around us, there are two places that shine in Del Norte: the Northcoast Marine Mammal Center and the dog pound. These are special places because of the volunteers that work and financially suppo…