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July brings with it thoughts of celebrating our freedom and independence. This year, with unrest taking on many different forms around the world and trying to impress us like modern-day Goliaths, it’s more important than ever to think about who we really are, how that affects our freedom, an…

During the public health crisis of COVID-19, it’s understandable to feel concerned. We look around and see the increasing number of cases, the canceled events, the closed schools, and we can’t help but worry for the health of ourselves and our families. 

“Black lives matter” is only half the story. The whole story is that all lives matter. Most intelligent Americans, black or white, are or seek to be colorblind. And those of us, black or white, support efforts for the equality of all people. So those of us who are or seek the erasing of colo…

I was a member of the Communist Party of the U.S.A. from 1993 to 1996. 

Here on earth we can send human beings into outer space to the moon in relative comfort but we can't send displaced human beings to shelter here on earth in relative comfort. 

In “Supervisors vote to open Walker Road” in the Triplicate’s April 24 edition, Del Norte County Supervisor Gerry Hemmingsen is quoted as saying, “Walker Road is known mostly by locals.”

My brief but “spectacular” career as a small-town newspaper writer came to an abrupt end last week due to the present uncontrollable circumstances.

Dear Editor, We always look forward to the annual Chamber of Commerce awards dinner. It’s always fun and the best place to see your friends and business people you maybe just get to see there once a year.

Editor, I recently went through a very hard and emotional task of having to bury my father at the local cemetery in Crescent City. My mother and father’s headstone is located on the very far west side of the Catholic section.

Often when the calendar flips over to a “New Year,” people find themselves making New Year’s resolutions. And, by now, people are looking back to see how many resolutions they’ve been able to keep. For many, this looks like items affecting diet, exercise, altering habits. These resolutions a…

Dear Editor: Friday, Jan. 10, was a very wet day, but that did not stop passionate Del Norte Unified School District teachers from standing on the sidewalk nearest the fairgrounds and holding signs that read “Stronger Together.”

Here’s a possible gardener’s wish list for the New Year:

To all of you readers, I wish you the very best of this remarkable season.

The teachers of Del Norte have been struggling to get a fair contract for nine months. As of right now, the school board and the teachers are still in gridlock over negotiations.

With all the decorations in the stores, there’s no forgetting that, after Thanksgiving, there’s Christmas. But this year, there’s something I’d really like to see for a change. A holiday movie that is NOT a Christian one.

Believe in the unseen to find the true me. Let me see the key to Faith. All you need is just to believe. Let god take the lead. Don’t try to solve the mystery. Just follow the roots of the willow tree. Life has become a priority. This will lead me to be free. Now I can breathe.

I have lived in Crescent City since 2003 and have missed only a handful of home games since then. I’m not from here, but I have but endeared myself to the local high school sports scene.

I would like to encourage the Del Norte County Unified School District’s Board of Trustees to direct the district’s administration to seek a fair and equitable bargaining agreement with the Del Norte Teachers Association.

When we purchased the Del Norte Triplicate and the Curry Coastal Pilot on July 1, I hit the decks running. Making decisions like crazy, many of which had been long delayed.

Dear Editor: It has been a while since I have been back in Crescent City, so I must apologize for the tardiness of the following comments about a guest opinion by Ruth Rhodes in the Aug. 30 issue of The Triplicate.

Once again, this year I want to extend my sincerest thank you on behalf of the Del Norte County Unified junior high athletic program and junior high athletes.

Dear Editor: Del Norte Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution sends thanks and appreciation for the informative article written by your ace reporter, David Hayes, and published in the Sept. 14. Triplicate, “DAR plans local awareness campaign for Constitution Week, Sept. 17-23.”

Our recently-hired reporters in Crescent City and Brookings are now hitting their stride, providing increasingly relevant coverage of the activities and residents in Country Media’s two new communities. Your ongoing positive feedback underscores that.

It’s a Friday, and the boat is all fueled up and ready for an offshore adventure chasing albacore on Saturday.

Dear Editor: As a new resident to the north coast, having moved here just under a year ago, I am enchanted with the rugged beauty and the weather. It sure beats the 100-degree days in the Sacramento Valley.

Dear Editor: Thanks for the articles on the salmon season. I heard it was good fishing up north of Coos Bay, as well as central California. For some reason, the forage fish (salmon food) were at very low abundance from Coos Bay to Point Arena this year.

Dear Editor: On the Sunday afternoon before Labor Day, I was on my daily walk with my little dog down Howe Drive by Beachfront Park. I was just approaching the path behind the sewer plant when a young man came up behind me and said, “I’ll walk through here with you.”

Overwhelmed? Confused? Equipment breakdowns? Way too much going on? Decisions? Stuff everywhere? Too complicated?  

Dear Editor: Let’s look at the homeless problem we are having. They’re sleeping in our backyards and in our parks. The county needs to look at the problem. Ignoring it doesn’t help.

While everyone is welcome to read this message, it’s directed at you, my fellows, who think of yourselves as white.

Dear Editor: As a long-time Triplicate subscriber and a founding board member of the Lighthouse Repertory Theatre 41 years ago (1978), I was offended that you titled our theatre group “Lighthouse Repository Theatre,” not once but twice.  

… Time for us all to be more watchful as we drive through town, because there will be lots of kids present in the streets with the new school year. Excited at seeing friends they may have not seen for those weeks of summer vacation, they could well not be paying attention to traffic like the…