In regards to Sarah Menkedicks column “Time to take aim at male entitlement by saying no” I have to say it’s the first time in a while that something I read in the Triplicate boiled my blood.

With all the negative news that is constantly pushed down our throats on TV, I guess it just saddened me to have to see it in my local paper, too. I actually went into the office and told them I thought the article sucked.

After walking around town for a half hour I came back in and talked with some of the staff for a few moments (four women I might add and three weren’t sympathetic to what I had to say). I explained that as a 63-year-old white male (three strikes against me) I felt attacked by the article (who cares, right? I’m a white male).

The far left and right of this country are driving a deep wedge between us. Honestly, I put the far right in there only to be fair but I see most of these attacks coming from the far left. The only men they seem to have any sympathy for are those that are changing their sex or are here illegally.

The words “mansplained” (which my computer wants me to spell check), and “me too” are not in my vocabulary.

I was raised by two wonderful parents who both taught me to respect not just women but all people. Do I think there are men out there that treat women really bad? You bet I do.

But in my life, I have met many men and women who have treated me really bad, too. That’s life. That’s just the human race.

There have been jerks (both sexes) in this world since the beginning of time and they will be here until the end of time. When these activists put us all in one basket, they’re not being fair. I’m sorry if life has been hard for them, but please don’t judge me by things that happened in your life.

Life for all of us is hard. No one gets a life that’s perfect, even men. “Me too” women feel like they were held back because of men. Do you not realize that most men were treated badly in their lives, too? Do you not realize that men are held back or passed up for jobs. Do you not realize that men are bullied, too? And yes, even belittled by some women?

I have been and so has every one of my male friends. Did we go out and start a “men too” movement? No. (Keep it up and we might though).

We tightened our belts, sucked it up and went on with our lives. Turned the other cheek. What good does feeling sorry for oneself do? Everyone today is feeling sorry for themselves. Get over it. The rest of us who are just trying to make it day to day are sick of hearing your whining. I thought about putting “be a man” but that would really make someone mad.

What’s really sad is that people’s views today are so extreme that no matter what someone like me says, even if it has any truth to it, they won’t listen, they will just attack. I’m sure I’ll get attacked for writing this. Someone will say I’m a privileged white male, how could I possibly know what a woman went through. It’s called empathy. Look it up. It’s something that most people seem to have lost the ability to have in this day and age.


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