There will be tomatoes and peppers ready in the hothouse soon, and I can hardly wait. One of my favorite sandwiches is just sliced tomatoes with mayo and a slight sprinkle of salt, on any variety of bread.

There are two tomatoes coming on that I think will be sandwich-worthy soon, not to mention all the cherry-type varieties coming along. Many of those don’t even make it to the house, they taste so good right off the vine.

Of course, I have to save some for salads. And to share at church, as they get to really producing.

You just can’t beat the flavor and tenderness of home grown! Maybe there will even be some worthy of taking to the fair.

I’m afraid the biggest disappointment is going to be my Macoun apple tree. Those are such delicious apples. The tree is a small dwarf ordered from New York state in ‘03. The variety was a product of the experimental station in Geneva around 1940, according to the info, a cross between MacIntosh and another variety.

Early on, it had lots of little apples forming. But the same winds that beat most of the buds off the camellia bush also carried off a lot of baby apples.

These have crisp, very white flesh, and just the perfect balance of sweet and tart – not to mention just about the best apple flavor ever! For an apple to just bite into and enjoy, it’s perfect.

I hope no more winds like those come, because these aren’t ripe ‘til October. If I’m lucky, the remaining 18 or so will not be lost.

I think special days and activities now will probably slow down around the fair, and pick up again after it’s over, as so many people do enter the fair’s various categories.

Unless another vacation Bible school pops up, there is only one more left to go. That’s at the Pacific Light Church in Klamath, July 25-27.

Some of our churches have certain events that have pretty much become “tradition” by nature of annual occurrences, and the “Family Fun Day in the Park” held by Redwoods Family Worship Center is one of them. It’s scheduled for July 27, 11 a.m.-3p.m. There will be hot dogs, cotton candy and popcorn, plus music, games and face painting.

The newest church undertaking is a series of meetings with fun activities that the congregations of the Nazarene Church and the New Life Community Church have been doing. The next one scheduled will be July 27.

We have been told this one will be a program that will be as enjoyable as the last one. This will be the program that was postponed last month due to the illness of the speaker. But all worked out well, as folks really enjoyed the Pour Painting class that was substituted at the last minute.

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