I have lived in Crescent City since 2003 and have missed only a handful of home games since then. I’m not from here, but I have but endeared myself to the local high school sports scene.

I recall going to games around 2005-2009 when I would show up and could barely find a spot in the stands to sit.

Nowadays, I have become a coach for the high school football program and donate my time and love of the game to try and pay it forward, and help our young athletes become better not only on the field but also off the field.

This is my fourth year assisting with the high school football program. As a coach, I can’t help but notice the lack of crowd size at home games these days. Ladies and gentlemen, this year’s Del Norte Warrior football team is special. What we lack for in numbers of players, we more than make up for in the product we put on the field.

This coaching staff and players are highly dedicated toward bringing our community something we can be proud of. Our goals are lofty and we believe we can achieve them. However, we need your support.

We need your butts in the seats. We need a home crowd that is loud and proud. We need those stands filled and that track full.

We will be playing the Moreau Catholic Mariners on Saturday at 7:00 p.m., in the semifinals of the North Coast Section playoff, for a chance to represent our community in the NCS championship game for the first time (I believe).

This game means so much to our players and this coaching staff. Our players will remember this moment for the rest of their lives. It would mean the world to them if we could fill our stands and be loud.

We have the home-field game. Now, we need the home-field advantage. That’s where you come in. I implore our community to bundle up and come out to support YOUR Del Norte Warriors!

Believe me, the crowd and the noise make a difference for the players. They feed off of your noise. They feed off of your support.

Teams like this come around only once in a while. Come out and see the show. It’s the best show in town! See you Saturday at 7:00!

Todd Holmes is a Crescent City resident.


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