Dear Editor: No disrespect or sarcasm is intended in this response to The Triplicate’s Aug. 17 headline, “County officials are perplexed by traffic court no-shows.”

Maybe the no-shows don’t have the means for the fines and are a symptom of a failing society. What does another citation or driver’s license mean to a person thinking of food or housing issues?

Probably not much.

Then, if you throw in the drug and alcohol problems, lack of employment opportunities and lack of meaningful job skills, you are faced with reality for some of these folks. Oops, no-shows.

So, how do we fix this? How do we instill respect for a lawful society - throw more of them in jail or prison, fine them farther into poverty? Create so many laws that pretty soon we are all lawbreakers?

How do we, as vested people of this nation, rebuild the foundation of our grand experiment?

Is it too late? I see the cracks growing, yet I don’t see the fixes working.

Steve Crockett



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