Dear Editor:

The first thing I’d like to say is, I’m retired law enforcement. So I’m pro-law enforcement and respect all of our local law enforcement. But I walk along Beachfront Park a few times a week and the homeless situation is disgusting!

For months, I have seen a rundown motorhome parked on the streets of Crescent City. Well, its finally come to my home, Gasquet. Now, I see it parked along the highway just north of Gasquet.

It has a tent and what looks like a ton of garbage next to it in the brush, on a pristine creek that runs into the Smith River and Gasquet’s water supply!

It’s my understanding that this person is going to be told to move. We will see. Think he will be fined and told to pick up his trash? I doubt it.

Near Slant Bridge in Hiouchi, there has been a person living in a Toyota pickup there for a few years now. I’m told it’s the person’s property, they can do what they want. In the winter, when there’s no leaves on the trees, look back in the trees by the truck. There’re probably 500 piles of toilet paper. Is that okay to do next to the Smith River?

Here’s my question to our county leaders and all law enforcement, state and federal, Parks, Fish & Game, Crescent City, Del Norte Sheriff’s Department and California Highway Patrol:

You tell us you can’t do anything because of the Ninth Circuit ruling about the homeless living on public lands. I get that. I don’t like it, but I am told that’s the law. Okay, they can camp! Does that law say these people can defecate, urinate, do drugs, drink in public, throw all their garbage on the ground, and build fires on public lands?

Every one of these individuals is doing just that! Can I do that? If not, why?

Why should I pay to go to the landfill if it’s okay to dump my trash on the street? Why should I obey the no-burn law? What would happen to me if I defecated on Front Street?

How am I different from these people? If I say I’m homeless, can I do it? What criteria do you use to allow people to live this way? Is it okay for the huge homeless camp across the street from Walmart to do all of these things?

I guess my question is, is it the case that you people can’t do anything … or just choose not to?


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