Kaiser Perez’s motto is, “Get right, or get left behind” … which is why he began GetRight LLC, a company committed to providing athletic training, physical health, nutritional education and a sense of community, especially for Del Norte County youth.

“It’s a full circle,” said Perez. “If you’re getting right in the gym and in your nutrition, but you’re not taking care of yourself in recovering properly or hydrating or eating right, those are only gonna matter so much.

“It’s not just about sports, it’s about lifestyle.”

Since starting his company last year, Perez has put his talents to play in personal training, helping with a friend’s business, Hella Fresh Eats, coaching nutrition, and hosting his first-ever GetRight sports camp.

As he worked last week with a group of youngsters at Crescent City’s Del Norte High School football field, Perez yelled commands as the children ran back and forth over ladders strewn across the grass.

About a dozen participants attended his inaugural camp, focusing over the weekend, 10 a.m.-4 p.m., on athletic training to improve their performance in any given sport

Soccer player Mariana Atrian said the camp was “showing me how to get faster and skills to do (better) in soccer.”

The small group of participants was fierce and motivated. Perez believes this will be the first of many sports camps he’ll hold, expecting attendance to increase as time goes on.

“Providing this opportunity is huge for small places to get the same level of training that other places get,” said Gordon Hunt, who assisted with the camp.

Perez has a natural talent for sports. Born and raised in Del Norte County, he played football for the Del Norte High Warriors, the College of the Redwoods Corsairs, then for the Bluejays at Tabor College, a small private school in Hillsboro, Kansas.

Yet, he said, he owes much of his success to his junior varsity coach.

During a football practice his freshman year, said Perez, he vividly remembers his coach, Steven Conrad Lewis, pulling him aside and saying, “You can be somebody, you know, whether it’s on the field or off the field. You need to step up and be that guy.”  

Those words stayed with Perez, encouraging him to this day. Someone believed in him; he needed to believe in himself, too.

Thereafter, said Perez, he applied himself fully to his athletics, practicing more than twice a day and using his free time to lift weights and improve his strength.

But once in college, Perez said, he lacked the necessary academic skills, having focused so intently on athletics. “I was good at sports, but I was bad at school,” he said, “And so I was like, ‘I need to get right.’”

Following college, Perez surprised himself by returning to his small-town roots. He said he had been ready to explore a new, different world, but when he drove over Vista Point after two years away, he felt the need to return home.

Now, Perez said, he’s investing in the community here, both physically and mentally. His idea for GetRight LLC has taken root. “I just wanna’ do what for them what I wish someone would have done for me.”

He is not alone in his endeavors. Other hold similar visions, such as Hunt.

Hunt works for the Athlete Factory in Eureka, a sports training facility, and met Kaiser when hosting a basketball camp called Beast Academy. Their similar visions spurred collaboration in ventures like the GetRight camp.

“[Perez] helped me out with my basketball camp in the summertime and did all these great footwork drills, and he was telling me about his GetRight program,” Hunt said, “and we were just like-minded folks.”

Their efforts do not go unappreciated. “[The drills] are fun to do,” said camp participant Evan Mcinney, who felt better prepared for upcoming sports seasons.

And Perez said he’s just getting started. He has big visions for his company, and a work ethic and life philosophy to match. Most importantly, he wants his work to focus on Crescent City, the community he will always consider home.

“I’m really passionate and I’m gonna make this something really big. And it’s all gonna come back to Crescent City,” Perez said. “It’s all for this town.”


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