After 58 years of cowboys and cowgirls strutting their stuff, the Orick Rodeo hasn’t lost a step, although this year’s event did feature a few bumps and bruises.

Here’s a rundown of results from the California Cowboys Professional Rodeo Association.

Calf Roping


In the calf roping, or tie-down roping, competition, a rider on a horse tries to lasso a calf, dismount, then tie down the calf as quickly as possible.

Brushton Minton won $347.80 in the calf roping event for a 12.1-second time, followed by J. Cody Jones at 13.1 seconds for $208.68, Savras Halikas got $139.12 in 22.8 seconds.

Steer Wrestling


Also known as bulldogging, steer wrestling pushes the limits of physicality, requiring a galloping horse rider to drop onto a sprinting steer and wrestle it to the ground, then toss it off balance by gripping and turning its horns.

Brushton Minton took the big payout with $310.20 in 23.35 seconds.

Breakaway Roping ($1,071.60)

A variant of calf roping, breakaway roping is an event in which a calf is roped but not tied.

Marla Zuber won $535.80 at 4.6 seconds. Hannah O’Connor took home $321.48 for coming in a hair behind at 4.9 seconds. Sienna Radelfinger’s 13.1-second time earned $214.32.

Barrel Racing


In this rodeo event, a horse rider runs a cloverleaf pattern around barrels at high speed, combining the horse’s athletic ability with the skills of the rider.

Cathy Vallegra won $488.80 with a time of 15.68 seconds, edging out Hayle Gibson, who earned $366.60 at 15.80 seconds. Kriska Williams was hot on Gibson’s heels at 15.81 seconds for $244.40.

Team Roping


A two-rider competition, team roping brings a header and a heeler to the arena. The header ropes a steer by the horns or neck and drives the animal toward where the heeler can lasso the hind legs. Team roping is the only event in which men and women compete professionally together in both single-gender or mixed-gender teams.

Bryor Minton and Cody Box had the best time at 6.3 seconds, taking home $611 each. Wes and Clayton Moore won $366.60 each for an 8.1-second run, and Dennis Fitze and Shawn Manning finished in 9.8 seconds for $244.40 each.

Saddle Bronc Riding ($808.40)

Saddle bronc riders take on a bucking horse (sometimes one with a nasty disposition) that tries to throw them off. The event has evolved from the horse-breaking skills of the old days into a highly competitive crowd-pleaser.

Jesse Williams scored 70 points to win $444.62, and a 67-point score earned by Ad Bugenig was worth $363.78. (Bareback bronc riders at the Orick Rodeo left $639.20 behind due to a lack of qualifying rides.)

Bull Riding


Bull riding is the highlight event of any rodeo. It seems easy enough to the spectator — just load into the chute with a bucking bull and hang on for 8 seconds. And try to get clear of the bull when it’s over.

Logan Gulden earned 73 points for $816.86. Aaron Colby finished with 69 points to earn $668.34.

Local Events

Team roping: Brushton and Bryor Minton won $140 for first place; Shawn Manning and Cody Box won $105 for second place.

Barrels: Cailin Berti won $100 for first place, Hayle Gibson $60 for second place, and Allie Kimes $40 for third.


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